Life is short pursue your dreams; don’t be afraid to take a risk; live and love. To live by these three things will ensure an adventure of a lifetime. Our family’s adventure has taken us from a beach house in California to a 50 acre cotton field in Tennessee and to an incredible life in the hills of Jerusalem. You might ask what is so special about a cotton field in Tennessee. Well, we turned it into a fly-in Bed & Breakfast. Private pilots from all over the USA flew into our private airstrip to rest & relax, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the world. It was a great place to raise our kids and teach them to work hard and pursue their own dreams and desires. To make something from nothing is the greatest satisfaction ever. But when the time came to leave our little slice of heaven, we didn’t look back. We were headed for the next adventure: a new life in a new land.

...will ensure a life full of adventure. Oak and Ash is owned and operated by two young olim and runs on our passion to try new things and make great beers!

We've had a long relationship with both Buster's and the Nealsons so when we heard their plans to retire we jumped at the oppertunity to step into their shoes.

An hour before the plane landed in Tel Aviv, the captain came on the intercom and introduced the Neilson family making their maiden voyage to Israel to make Aliyah. It was 2003 in the middle of the Second Gulf War and the Second Intifada. No one was moving to Israel. Hardly anyone was coming to Israel. Yet at that announcement, all 60 people on the airplane got out of their seats and began to dance and sing. With tears in their eyes they loved on us and greeted us with sheer joy that a family would come to Israel during such a difficult and dangerous time. We understood that this would be an adventure of a lifetime and one that we would share with many people along the way.

We began our adventure with what was familiar to us. Denny (Dad) turned his hobby of making beer and wine into a small business; a home-brew shop called The Winemaker, now known as Buster’s Brewing Academy. He transformed the garage of our house into a full-on store and workshop for teaching brewing classes. For years we saw the beer industry grow in Israel and were proud to be a part of the boom. When Matt (our youngest) got out of the army he wanted to work with his dad to expand the business into a full-on alcoholic beverage production company.  We chose a location in the beautiful Ellah Valley and began Buster’s Beverage Co. Why Busters? He’s our Golden Retriever!

In 2013, we started Busters with a variety of hard apple ciders. In 2014 we opened a visitor center at the factory and brought in our line of hard lemonades. In 2015 we built our own still and began a line of distilled beverages called Pioneer Spirits. As the business grew we realized that we lacked one product to make our line complete. We began 2017 by introducing our line of Busters Beers.

What does the future hold? Our vision is big; it requires hard work and taking a risk. We plan on beginning with Buster’s Barn, a small pub at our factory in Naham, and venturing into export.  And eventually, a huge facility that will house our production center, visitor center, restaurant/pub, organic farm and training facility for our courses, to include entrepreneur training for those who want to pursue their own dreams.

We love sharing our products and our story with people. It’s actually all about the people. We love encouraging people to pursue their dreams. We hope our passion is an inspiration to everyone we get a chance to meet.       


We invite you to join us on our journey!





Sorek Industrial Park (Nesher), Bet Shemesh, Israel


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